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Album Review: The Up and Up

          Long ago I used to have a driving soundtrack. It consisted of bands like Blink 182, Yellowcard, the sort of high-energy passionate stuff that made me feel alive. With The Disruption’s “The Up and Up” I have a new band to add to that hallowed beloved collection. Sung with such urgency and possessing incredible hooks the album feels incredible. Infinitely infectious the hooks abound throughout. Energy rushes throughout the entirety of the album. Best of all are the lyrics which meditate over concepts of love, desire, and yearning. Delivered with pure fire, the vocals have an inviting relatable quality to them.

                “Innocence” demands volume. The such crazed maniac presence of it works wonders while it sprawls out, soaring into the sky, and generally being a force of nature. Fiery to its core is the swagger of the title track “The Up and Up”. Drums serve front and center of the chaotic “The Reason I Hate” where they mess with tempo and rhythm in such a nimble way. Lyrically concise the piece has a stream of consciousness approach. A giddiness runs through the whole of the joyful “Little Bit Better”. Things mellow out a little on the reflective “Fall Back In”. Going for an almost shoegaze-approach is the powerful “You Are Alone Now”. “On and On…And On” has a playfulness to it perfectly closing up the album.

                “The Up and Up” shows off The Disruption’s impressive chops with a multi-faceted, multi-layered world to get lost in.


-Beach Sloth, The Blog 


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